Advertisement is the message which brings about or spread widely by a paid form of non-personal activity that provided active encouragement so-called as advertising. This advertising is done by an identified sponsor with a strategy to spread the information all over concerning about product or service. In the present day there is hardly any business in the modern world which does not advertise. However, the form of advertisement differs from business to business. Every Companies, before investing for advertisements, will have lot of aims or objectives, each one generally related to its company's stage of business or gradual development in the products and its current position in the marketplace. Business has to pick a quantifiable aim that supports with the business and marketing objectives.



Awareness of creating importance to customers is the starting point for a new business, where they should regularly advertise to maintain the brand of their established company based on service, retail and product.

Convincing the customers to change their attitudes from negative to positive towards some established companies who have experienced negativism in spite of awareness of their brand.

Sales objectives can be made clear and advertising can be promoted by giving coupons, discounts, buy-one-get-one free and deduction of tax.


Advertisements helps for the introduction of new market which will encourage the customers to buy the product as per their social needs. It helps in familiarizing the new markets and retaining the existing markets. Continuous advertising helps to compete with other competitors. Advertising provides knowledge to the customers about the new products and services, which helps them in raising their standard of living. Services and products of the company can be advertised through various popular advertising campaigns. Newspaper advertisement is one of the traditional advertising where the advertisements can reach to the customers by printing advertisements in newspapers or by way of pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, flyers, hand-outs attached to the newspaper. Radio advertising and television advertising are the commercial advertising where the marketing advertising match the station, giving importance to the particular sector of population. Though the television advertising takes time to appear on the local stations, but could reach the customers who does not respond to the radio. If the product is of our own expertise then the public speaking advertising will be advantageous.



In today's world, advertisement includes, traditional advertising and commercial advertising (paid advertisement) and different ways of online advertising (nonpaid advertisement). Advertising also includes endorsement. The company, as advertising industry invests for the advertisement and gives the information regarding its business to the advertising agencies in brief and the advertising agencies will convert the ideas and concepts in a creative manner to bring interest in customers. After the approval from the client the advertisement will be spread worldwide.

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03 Jan 2018

By Rashmi Bingekar