How To Choose A Good Pre-School?

How To Choose A Good Pre-School?

It is no secret that Dakshina Kannada is known as one of Karnataka's educational capitals and is a hub for Engineering Colleges. It goes without saying that some of Karnataka’s best engineers come from Mangalore. With education growing at such a rapid pace, the system has made it very competitive even at very young ages. At a certain point in time, kids used to run around in circles and make mud houses. However, today preschoolers are already counting two digit numbers and reading at a much more advanced level than most of us once did. While some people may not be amused at the idea of having their children do homework before they attend school, one must admit that it is intriguing to understand what can be accomplished by sending them to an early start!


A Newer Reality

Preschools are growing and becoming very popular as they reach down and take younger and younger kids! While most of these Kindergartens and Anganwadis used to just give children coloring books and focused more on play time and nap time, today these institutes are more earning oriented than ever before. And this is no reason to be shocked, after all – smartphones are going to need smart users! These institutes are becoming more interested in helping children develop the skills required to do basic math and reading. This only helps them become more accustomed to the higher level of education that they will be subjective to eventually.

Greater Expectations

        Some parents may be anxious about the advanced level of learning that is the result of a changing education system and this is only normal! The realization must hit that kids need to adapt as soon as possible to the high standard that is being set! This anxiety can be dealt with by choosing good Kindergartens or Anganwadis to help instill these skills in them. While all this is true, we must also realize that we cannot try to force these standards on to the kids at the expense of their childhood. Finger painting and snack time may seem useless to adults, but isn’t that an integral part of childhood? After all, many lessons are learned by scraped knees and not just by Textbooks. In fact, psychologists have found that pushing children to memorize phonetic words and numbers may increase their memory but can decrease their ability to recognize the right scenarios to use them.


The best course is to pursue a Kindergarten or Montessori School that keeps the study-play ratio balanced! Hence, the question arises on how to choose the best! Because while kids need to learn at a more advanced level to meet the high standards, they should not be forced to lose their play time and lose their social skills by being subject only to their textbooks. For people around Mangalore that are looking for a good Pre-School to send their toddlers, the best place to check for reliable and trustworthy schools is oyoList.




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09 Jan 2018