Pipes are the void cylinder of metal to transport substances like liquid, gases, slurries, powders and masses of small solids to the supporting structures.  Pipe is also called as a tube.  In India pipes are more commonly used than tubes. Tube is made by different diameters. The process done by pipe is called piping.

Pipes are used by a system called plumbing for water supply, heating and for the provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal. Plumbing is done by a plumber who installs the plumbing fixtures and maintains the sewage and drainage system. The plumber repairs the water supply lines and disposal waste system in homes, schools, businesses by using the plumbing tools.

Kinds of pipes and uses -

  • PVC pipes or polyvinyl chloride pipes are light weight but strong. They are used for construction and for piping in transporting the fluids from one location to another.
  • Asbestos cement pipes are made up of asbestos fibre added with cement which makes it strong. It is used for roofing, flooring and providing refusal of heat flow.
  • Steel pipes are costlier and also damaged by salty water if used underground. It is used for fire sprinkler system inside building as it is easily cut and corrugated.
  • Stone ware pipes are used for underground pipeline for the dispose of rain water by adopting drainage system. They are cheaper than plastic pipes.
  • Concrete pipes are of two sizes, small size pipes used for drainage of rain water and large size pipes for water supply works.
  • Water pipes and drainage pipes are used in homes to transport water from water tanks to taps and dispose water from wash basin.
  • Black pipes are used in compressed air systems to pump air as it is strong and durable and easy to install. Pumping is an act of moving the fluids through pipe either directly, lifting, displacing or by gravity.
  • Galvanizing pipes, coated with zinc, are very strong and durable, so they are used for large constructions. Available at low cost.

Most of the pipe manufacturers prefer for manufacturing PVC pipes as most of the industries and professional plumbers tend to choose these kind of pipes as they are advantageous in many ways like easy use, rust-free, can easily be carried from place to place, low cost etc. Thus the company can earn more profits. Therefore we can find PVC pipe dealers everywhere exceedingly.

Sewage treatment should be maintained by removing the dirt from the waste water disposed from homes, schools and businesses. It should be treated with scientific process and produce treated waste water, which can be safe for the natural world.

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15 Jan 2018

By Rashmi Bingekar