Religion is a primary rule of believing of cause, nature andreasons of customs and traditions, which is accepted by a group of people without which their life in incomplete. When the people start believing in religion deeply they will have many questions regarding religion. Religion is related with the aspects of all kinds of people, their social, private and public practices and private experiences. Believing religion is faith in God.   

Religious is a practice of religion. The people who believes in religion and follows it affectionately are called as religious people.  Anything which is related to religion will be described as religious.

Effects of religion-

  • When people, as whole are human beings, having same feelings and happenings but the religion have made them feel biased.
  • Instead of thinking God as one they are describing about God as per their religion.
  • People have lost their freeness as religion has become one burden for them.
  • Some religion will force them to do something scary which are not comfortable becomes dangerous to them.

Compared to Hindu and Muslimreligion Christianity has given more importance for the religious aspects. They have been encouraging many compulsive activities as per their religion. The church leaders keep some restriction for the people as per religious, whether they are interested or not.So, many churches are being constructed everywhere due to increasing population. The church leaders has to be like role models as they have to measure the spiritual people and accordingly estimate the income for the churches to be built.Some Christians who does not believe religious deeply will be considered as lukewarm Christians.According to the traditional beliefs,Hindus go to temples of god or goddess of their choiceas and when they want. There is no compulsion.Muslims will go to mosque as per their religious belief and follow their religious way of prayers.

Religious book stores provides religious books which helps the people to know more about their religions. It contain the practice, reformation and activities of religious. Reading religious books like Bhagavad-Gita, Quran and Bible helps us to think positive. This helps the children’s bright future with good behaviour. Using religion products like key chains,chain lockets, finger ring etc. all having god pictures creates a feeling of good luck in them.These all motivates the people to go deeply in their religious beliefs.Believing religion maintains close relationship with God, family and nature.Religious organizations have been opened up everywhere to impart the knowledge about the religion to strengthen the self-confidence of the people.

All people should have belief in their religion which shouldn’t be changed so easily. They should follow good religionby respecting all religion and maintain equality.They should not underestimate the people of other religion some way or the other. We shouldmake our religion a continuous living experience which connects us from the start till the end.

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11 Jan 2018

By Rashmi Bingekar