Pros and Cons of Moving during winter in Mangalore

Pros and Cons of Moving during winter in Mangalore

One of the most tedious tasks for new homeowners is to move and there never really is a good or bad time to do it unless you know some trustable Packers and Movers. However, winter and summer are not the ideal climatic conditions to do it. Now that we are in winter and are slowly moving towards summer, we need to understand that there are a few pros and cons to moving during this season in Mangalore. Read on to know the pros and cons of moving during the winter if you are trying to decide when the best time to move into your dream home is!


The Pros!

There are quite a few positives of moving during winter. These are as follows:

  • With winter comes Christmas and there is nothing like enjoying decorating your Christmas tree in the comfort of your new home where you can make plenty of new memories.
  • Another reason is that winter marks the end of the year which means End of the year sales everywhere! You can purchase all the home necessities and huge discounts.
  • Tis’ the season, and it is the season to make merry and get to know new people in the new locality that you plan to move to.
  • Mangalore is one of the most livable cities in India and has some of the most amazing cuisines to try and winter season is the best time to experience new comfort foods.

The Cons

Like all good things, moving during the winter has its own set of disadvantages and these must be considered if you want to make the right decisions!

  • Availability of movers may be limited during the season and it may be difficult to get good movers unless you find reliable Packers and Movers.
  • The cold can be a major factor to avoid plans to move.
  • At the end of the day, everyone prefers to be cozy and under a blanket than have to engage in the tedious work of moving during winter.
  • There can be a hike in real estate prices during winter season

Why move to Mangalore?

There are many reasons why Mangalore is becoming one of the most livable cities in all of India. Here are just a few reasons why!

  • Mangalore has one of the lowest crime rates among Indian cities
  • The cuisine is simply to die for.
  • While Bangalore may be the IT hub, many IT firms have been planning to shift to Mangalore for a while.
  • Mangalore has one of the best climates In Karnataka
  • Mangalore has some of the best Educational Institutes in Karnataka!


As mentioned above, there are no good and bad times to shift. And each season has its own pros and cons. Some people may find that while real estate prices can have a hike, electronic and Home Appliances Accessories that may be required to furnish your home may be cheaper.  At the end of the day it all a matter of perspective. It can, however, be wise to know a few good Packers and Movers while considering shifting during the winter season in Mangalore. 

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09 Jan 2018