In simple, safety is the condition of being protected from undergoing harm or other non-desirable outcomes. The description of the word ‘safety’ is not complete without using the word ‘security’ at most of the times. Both the words are interchangeable, as both mean the same and are abstract. Security is a state of being free from danger. Security services protects and makes certain that safety is continuous. Appropriate safety measures should be taken in every kind of work we do, either at home, educational institution, hospital, on roads, in public, etc. to protect us from harm. Safety may be either personal or public.

In case of home safety we should be aware of the dangerous items that we use in the kitchen. We should keep it carefully after use and also away from children’s reach. We should be cautious regarding the items relating to electricity.

Schools require safety measures to protect the school property and secure the environment of students and staffs.

For road safety the police guards, provides security services for the people with regard to the traffic rules. Following the traffic rules secures many lives of drivers, passengers, pedestrians. Riders have to wear the helmets which will secure them from head injuries in case of accidents.

Safety at work place which is also called as industry safety is very important for the employees. Here the employees are fully secured by the employers. Safety equipment should be utilised by the company’s employer to reduce the risk. Safety wears should be given to the workers who are working in workshops. Siren system should be adopted in work place so as to help the employees in case of emergencies. The employees are provided with insurance as security in case of any risky incidents at workplace. If not secured, the employee’s life may change forever.

Indian Police Service Officers secures the safety to the people living in a same place by enforcing some safety measures at low cost. People depend on police officials for the safety of their lives in case of any criminal cases.

In case of fire safety, the fire safety officer will direct and object in execution of the fire and life risks of the people in universities, administrative offices etc. by providing education of safety measure to the public regarding the use of fire extinguisher or fire alarms in a particular location and also other safety measures. Safety measures should be executed in case of emergencies especially for patients in case of accidents. Ambulance services provides safety to the people in case of sudden illness and accidents, to carry them to hospitals where they are treated immediately.

Now- a-days safety and securities services has become more important for the people. They are to be secured in all ways. The ATM are secured by appointing a security guard which helps us to be safe at the time of money transactions.  All companies, organization and educational institution are secured by keeping CCTV cameras at their main entrance gates to secure themselves from terrorist. Even the internet has the security of maintaining the confidential details of the people using internet. CCTV cameras are fixed to all businesses so as to secure their property from any loss due to fire or theft.



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11 Jan 2018

By Rashmi Bingekar