By simple means, art is an act or method of working. Art is the awareness of bringing something attractive using skill and one’s mind’s eye. Art is a highly multiplecollection of human activities relating to literature, performing arts and visual arts. People interested in arts will be busy in exposing their art in the way of writing poetry, prose etc. relating to sense of hearing and performing dance, drama, music etc. Artworks is the expositive work done for increasing the productivity of art consisting of drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures hand letterings etc. as only text.

Art can be subjective or objective. Art which is done by one by his own point of view is called as subjective art. He performs his art, expressing his own personal feeling to satisfy his own thoughtsand do notnecessarily want to expose it. Objective art is performed with an assumption to be appreciated for the beauty or spiritual power of the art, noticed by the expressions of the author’s inspiration when exposed in the public.

In modern times the fine arts is given more importance. Fine art is mainly advanced for the branch of the philosophers who arerelated to the study of the idea of beauty. It is different from applied art. The study of fine art motivates to become an artist. Applied art helps to design material for art and then change into visual image. Applied is mandatory for all national industries as it plays vital role in advertising and it is also useful for designing all materials of everyday use.

Fine artists, like painters, printmakers, sculptors etc.and crafts artists work to expose their art in the public and earn money. Painters work in variety of ways by the use of oil paints or watercolours, printmakers by creating finished paints by use of printing process and sculptors create three-dimension art with the help ofstone, plaster, metal, wood, clay and pottery products. Fine art also includes decorative arts and crafts. Craft artist create handmade tangible items for sale. They work with materials like ceramic, glass, textile and clothing and jewellery. Most of the Fine artistsand crafts artists are self- employed and make money through internet.

Photographers, by use of camerasclick right still life photos by diversing location and conditions either manually or digitally. The skills used by artistic photographer are also useful in communicating news in form of photographs in magazines, studios and portrait photography.

Now-a-days art is seen in an abstract way. Abstract artists have given more importance to the subjects than the appearance of the paintings. People have to understand the emotions and thoughts appear in their minds while viewing any art.The abstract artists design the abstract art by utilizing their own idea. Software implementations artists have adopted modern ideas to promote abstract art widely


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